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A Selection of antique Ship Portraits and Marine Motifs (19th Century) with Pearl River / Canton motifs

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Chinese Export Art

China Trade artist - View of the Pearl River Delta - China Trade Artist, ca. 1860-70 - in the foreground a Chinese village near the water with local people and a boat landing on the right side, Oilpainting on canvas, 7 7/8 by 11 3/4 in. (20 x 30 cm) and with the frame 11 1/2 by 15 1/4 in. (29 x 39 cm) - Condition: good condition (usual craquelure, under UV lamp visible is only slight repainting in minor areas, margins of canvas have been fixed), this painting is in a period frame, which is not a Chinese frame - Private Collection Great Britain (UK)

Note: Often these paintings are attributed to workshops (eg. Studio of Youqua). We have not attributed this painting since there was a number of artists working in the same manner. Show me some larger illustrations * Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium

Image of China Trade Ship Portrait

China Trade Artist (Canton, ca. 1850) - Ship Portrait of a Danish full-rigged Ship in the Pearl River, ca. 1850-60 The Ship under full sail at calm sea on its way to Canton with various Chinese / other European shipping and the shore of the Chinese Coast in the background, romantic early evening impression Oil on canvas 45 x 59 cm (17 3/4 x 23 1/4 in.), with frame 56 x 70 cm (22 x 27 1/2 in.) in an original Chinese frame with walnut veneer and marquetry of jacaranda and other wood as well as gilted lines, covered with shellac - Private Collection, MD, USA

Note: A fine early China Trade painting in good condition, normal fine age crackle of varnish all over (not visible from normal viewing distance), an area of slightly stronger crackle in the lower water section and left low of the bow, has been restored professionally: relined, repairs and inpaint above the bow and within the first sails and on the left side at the area above and within the Chinese boat. Click here or on the image to see larger illustrations. Photo Copyright.

China Trade Painting

China Trade Artist (Canton) - Ship Portrait of the Dutch steamer *Sumbawa* under sail and steam in the Chinese Sea, ca. 1880 - the steamer is shown at the open sea in good weather conditions - Oil on canvas on original China Trade stretcher, 46 by 60 cm (18 by 23 5/8 inch), with frame 52 x 66 cm (20 by 26 inch) - inscribed on the ensign with the ship`s name and the sign of the shipping company on foremast - only light China Trade crackle, cleaned, small areas with repair, original frame - Oporto Collection Portugal

Note: A light, brilliant and strong color work with a romantic touch in the left sky. Detailled execution - and as it cannot often be seen at China Trade paintings - without extensive crackle and in the original Chinese frame. Paintings like this are scarce. Click here or on the image to see larger illustrations

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