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Dear visitor,
we bought in the last years numerous paintings worldwide and we might be interested to buy or be broker of your fine painting by the artists shown on our Wanted pages. In general we are always interested in:
- signed and unsigned Quality Ship Portraits and Marine Art from the 18th and 19th and early 20th century (until appox. 1920), exceptional Maritime Antiques
* Important Note * We are not interested and have no knowledge about: Decorative Paintings of all periods, Prints, 20th Century Art after 1920, ordinary Maritime Antiques
If you introduce us your painting we would prefer if you build a webpage for us with the images and information about your painting(s) which you would like to sell and e-mail us the web address (click here for an example). If you have no homepage, please send an e-mail and attach the image(s). In total these jpeg files should not have more than 2 MB.
When you describe your painting please inform us about: the ARTIST, the DATE or PERIOD, the TECHNIQUE (eg. oil on canvas), the SIZE without frame (please state if dimensions are inch or cm), the SIGNATURE and other inscription within the image or on the back (including stickers), the CONDITION (please be as detailled as possible) and the FRAME (original?). Finally please state your price idea (if you have one, otherwise we will submit you a fair offer) and state in which country and state / county you are located.
Please send your e-mail to: bais(at)
THIS SITE IS UNDER SERVICE MODUS - Currently no inquiries can be answered.
Please remember to attach an image of your painting (jpg file).
If you want to contact us via postal mail here is our address:
Karsten Buchholz – Dorfstr. 21 - 22956 Grönwohld, Germany
-Phone available on request
We welcome all your messages and questions.
Yours sincerely, Karsten Buchholz

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