Antique Scrimshaw Wanted: Sell your 19th Century Whale`s Tooth or Whaling Antiques

We are looking for Scrimshaw located in the USA and in the United Kingdom:

American and British Whalemen (in the 19th Century) who spent idle time engraving Whale`s Teeth and making Objects using Bone from captured Whales
Whalers sailed the seas of the world in search of whales
Scrimshaw engraved Teeth with Whaling Scenes, Ship Portraits, Patriotic Motifs, Portraits of Men or Women, Buildings and Places, and South Sea motifs
Other Scrimshaw
Items Wanted
Sailors in the 19th Century made many other types of items using whale tooth ivory, whalebone and other exotic woods and shells encountered while on voyages. These include Pie Crimpers, engraved Whalebone Busk and Panbone, Whalebone Canes or Walking Sticks, Whalebone Ditty Boxes, Scrimshaw Clock Towers, Swifts (yarn winders), Whalebone Tools, Scrimshaw Rolling Pin, Antique Narwhale Tusks, inlaid Boxes, Bodkins etc. Also seeking other related items such as: Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War Bone Ship Models, Whaling Harpoons, Whale Guns, Whaling Journals, Sailor`s Shell Valentine, Figurehead and other Ship Carvings.
Starting at some hundred US Dollars and ranging to US Dollar 10,000 and more. Value depends on subject matter, quality, size, age color, condition and if the piece is by a noted artisan. Please send information and photos of your scrimshaw pieces.
Please note that we are only handle ANTIQUE Scrimshaw. Unfortunately, over the last 35 years, many fraudulent pieces have entered the market. Many are fabricated from genuine whale tooth ivory and whalebone that has been worked and colored to look old. Most pieces encountered are copies of old pieces that are made of synthetic resins. Hot needle testing is not an accurate way to determine if the piece is or is not made from real whale parts. If a piece is inscribed with wording such as captain`s names, dates, locations, artisan`s name etc. one needs to be cautious because only rarely was information like that put on 19th Century Scrimshaw. Feel free to send us information and photos of your pieces. Inquiries from dealers are welcome as well.
John F. Rinaldi has been handling Antique Scrimshaw since 1972 and is interested in the direct purchase of all forms of 19th Century scrimshaw - one piece or an entire collection. Top prices paid. Please send us good photos of your Scrimshaw item with measurements and any other pertinent information you may have about the piece. Also include your phone number and location. We will review everything and promptly respond to your inquiry. If possible please send an e-mail to john(at) and mention the word "Fine Art Emporium" to refer to this page. Otherwise mail photos and information to John F. Rinaldi, P.O. Box 765, Kennebunkport, Maine 04046. Our phone no. is 207-967-3218 - Our website with more information about our Marine Art and Maritime Antiques Collection can be found at

Following are shown some good examples of genuine Antique Scrimshaw:

Antique Scrimshaw (last updated 2014)
from the Rinaldi Collection and other Private Collections in the United States of America. Please note that these items are currently not for sale.
Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth
Susan's Tooth - Outstanding and rare Whale tooth engraved by Frederick Myrick of Nantucket while on a voyage aboard the Whaleship “Susan” during the years 1826-1829 - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi - Click on photo to enlarge Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth The Banknote Engraver - A pair of elaborately engraved scrimshaw teeth by an anonomous 19th century artisian commonly refered to as "The Banknote Engraver". The teeth are displayed with hand-written banknote forgeries made by French prisoners-of-war while incarcerated at the Valleyfield Depot in Scotland. The notes are dated 1810 & 1812 - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi
Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth
Scrimshaw Clock Tower - A large and elaborate, 19th century scrimshaw clock tower, made from teak wood that has been trimmed and inset with whalebone and Tortoise shell. Entire upper portion faced with panbone that has been pierce carved at the top forming a silhouette of an American Eagle. Height 15” - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi - Click on photo to enlarge Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth Scrimshaw Teeth with Patriotic Motifs - Large pair of whale's teeth that have been profusely carved both sides with American ships, partiotic motifs and other varying designs. Uniquely executed with areas deeply carved and inlaid with red and blue sealing wax. In the background is a fine model of the whaleship "Charles W. Morgan" - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi
Antique Edward Burdett Scrimshaw Whales Tooth
Edward Burdett 1805-1833 - Three scrimshaw teeth done by the American whaleman Edward Burdett of Nantucket. Burdett is believed to be the earliest documented scrimshander. The top tooth depicts the “William Tell” and is signed “Engraved by/Edward Burdett”. The center tooth is captioned “Daniel_THE_Fourth_OF_London” and is fitted with an engraved silver snuff lid that is hallmarked for the year 1916. The lower tooth is captioned “Elizabeth of London”. - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi - Click on photo to enlarge Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth Scrimshaw Pie Crimpers - A group of pastry cutters made from wood and Whale ivory. Shown with a rolling pin made of wood and Whale ivory and another entirely made of Walrus ivory - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi
Antique Ceres Scrimshaw Whales Tooth
Ceres Teeth - Two scrimshaw carved Sperm Whale’s teeth done aboard the Whaleship “CERES” of Wilmington, Delaware circa 1833-37. The banner above each sailor inscribed with War of 1812 slogan “Free Trade and Sailors Rights”. The tooth on the left also bears the name “Elizabeth B. Ellis”. Shown with a War of 1812 Congressional Naval Presentation Sword. - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi - Click on photo to enlarge Antique Scrimshaw Whales Teeth and Sailors Valentine Shell Scrimshaw Teeth with family portraits - A set of four whale’s teeth scrimshaw carved with women and children. Mounted on their original 19th century base. In the background a large sailor’s shell valentine with a Barbados maker’s trade label on the octagonal case - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi
Antique Scrimshaw Ditty Box
Scrimshaw Ditty Box - Two, oval shaped, whalebone boxes fitted with removable lids. One with polychrome scrimshaw decorations of flowers, birds, an American ship and a view of a large domed building that is the Maine State House in Augusta as it looked from 1833-89. The larger box with the name “Manuel Rogers” in small silver nails - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi
Antique Scrimshaw Walking Stick Cane
Scrimshaw Walking Sticks - Five 19th century whalebone and whale ivory scrimshaw canes with some having elaborate inlays - Private Collection of John F. Rinaldi

Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth

Polychrome Scrimshaw Tooth by Naval Engagement Engraver - Beautifully engraved both sides with one view depicting two vessels engaged in battle with guns firing and smoke billowing between their hulls. Reverse with classic whaling scene showing port view of whaling bark that has four long- boats engaged in Sperm whaling. Vessel flying large house flag with letter "B". Water on both sides ...- Read here the complete description - Private Collection USA

Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth

Scrimshaw Tooth "EMMA" - Lovely tooth scrimshaw carved both sides with portraits. Front with young girl in a fancy dress holding a flower in her left hand. Above her in floral embellished banner is name "EMMA". Reverse with 3/4 portrait of a woman wearing an elegant shawl and holding a fan in her right hand Dimensions are 5" high x 2 1/4" wide at base. Condition is fine - Private Collection USA - Click on photo to enlarge

Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth

Inlaid Scrimshaw Desk with Maker`s Name and Date - Rosewood slant-top writing desk that is profusely inlaid all sides with varying designs using whale ivory, ebony, mahogany, mother of pearl, baleen, etc. Lower front with an inset ebony and ivory border that con- tains an inlaid star and ivory letters that form the name "THOMAS D. CARR 1850". Top front with mother of pearl crescents, stars and ovals all within an ebony and ivory border. Sides and rear with ...- Read here the complete description - Private Collection USA

Antique Scrimshaw Pie Crimper

Whale Ivory Pie Crimper in the Form of an Albatross - Handle made using three whale ivory sections that are joined with baleen spacers. Back two sections nicely decorated with three deep fluted grooves. Front carved to resemble head of an Albatross with wheel attached to tip of beak and eyes made using inset ebony with a silver pin in center. Overall length 8" with 2 1/4"d. whale ivory wheel that is one of the best carved examples I've come across. All done with deep, fancy serrations around edge and ...- Read here the complete description - Private Collection USA

Antique Scrimshaw Busk

Polychrome colored Whalebone Busk - Wonderful quality folk art carving over entire front sur face. Done in nine separate sections that include a heart, floral scenes, geometric stars, pin wheels, etc., all bordered by delicate leaf motifs. Everything carefully polychrome colored in red, green, blue and black. Dimensions are ...- Read here the complete description - Private Collection USA

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