Frequently Asked Questions to the FineArtEmporium

Q: Who is the FineArtEmporium?

A: The FineArtEmporium is a network of independent partners in Europe, the USA and Canada, who are interested in buying fine Ship Portraits, Marine Art and Nautical Antiques. The webmaster and responsible for this site is Karsten Buchholz in Germany who is in business since 1989.

Q: Why should I sell my marine artwork / maritime antiques / other painting to you?

A: We would like to answer to this with some questions: 1) Would you like to be treated fair and offered all available information and a good price for your possessions, also if you do not know exactly what you have? 2) Would you prefer a fast settlement, often within days or so and receive your money immediately? 3) If you are a dealer, would you like to get a permanent client for the artists/antiques mentioned on these pages, without limitation to quantity or price?

Q: OK, I want to know more. What are the further steps?

A: First check our page "Contact". You will find there all information to get in touch with us. We have to see as precisely as possible what you have. Therefore, if you have a hompage build a page for us, which contains all information and very good photos (if possible also with details) of the painting/item you want to sell. Click here for an example. Then let us know about the web address. If you do not have a homepage, you can also send us a description and photo(s) via e-mail or via post in a letter. We can not judge about something without having seen at least one photo.

Q: What is the further procedure, if we came to a conclusion about the sale of my possession to you?

A: Depending on your location we will suggest one of the following methods: 1) We or one of our partners invites you for a visit to settle the business with cash payment. 2) In some cases it might also be possible that we or one of our partners will visit you and pay/collect the painting. 3) In many cases it will be necessary to arrange collection and COD or other methods of payment. We should than discuss the possibilities for your case.

Q: Is your interest limited to Marine Art or do you buy also other artwork?

A: Please check frequently our category: "Complete List of all Artists Wanted A-Z". We are also buying certain other paintings/motifs by artists mentioned there (please refer to the links provided there for more information).

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