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Dear visitor,
to buy art - and especially to buy antique paintings - is a question of trust. In the last twenty five years I was in your position quite often - in total I bought up to now myself more than 1,500 paintings and silverware worldwide - in person, on the telephone and through the Internet. I know about the problems which can occur (wrong descriptions, fakes etc.) and about good service and not so good service. Since 1998 our company is offering its stock of fine old ship portraits and marine paintings for sale also on the Internet and I want to state some advantages of being - or becoming - a client of me:
1) My offers are a selection of paintings / items, which have convinced already a rather critical buyer - myself. I do offer my own property and I do not buy paintings which I would not hang in my own rooms. I have several clients, which do buy for their collection exclusively from me. If other property is offered on our website the same rule of quality is valid.
2) All offered paintings are described with all information, which are important to make a decision about a purchase. I do guarantee for the descriptions. Important data (eg. Authorship, Age, Technique, Nationality and Name of the vessel etc.) are stated again on the invoice.
3) I do offer a full service: Free Packing of the painting (if necessary also in a wooden box), Fast Airmail Delivery to your door at my own costs (US and Europe), Credit Cards accepted (VISA and MASTERCARD), Free Expert Advise about: Buying / Selling an antique ship portrait or marine painting (also from / at other sources) and all other aspects of an art collection (Restoration, Insurance Valuation, Literature, Research etc.)
Our clients are Collectors, Fine Art Dealers, Institutions (eg. Museums or Foundations) and interior designers in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and worldwide. We have sold more than 1500 antique paintings, maritime antiques and silverware items so far. Plus 50,000 books.
For your message and questions, please write an
e-mail to: bais(at)
HIS SITE IS UNDER SERVICE MODUS - Currently no inquiries can be answered.
If you would prefer to contact me by post or phone:
Karsten Buchholz – Dorfstr. 21 - 22956 Grönwohld - GERMANY
-Phone available on request.
Yours sincerely, Karsten

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