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China Trade Painting

Ship Portrait of the Dutch steamer *Sumbawa* under sail and steam in the Chinese Sea, ca. 1880 - the steamer is shown at the open sea in good weather conditions - Oil on canvas on original China Trade stretcher, 46 by 60 cm (18 by 23 5/8 inch), with frame 52 x 66 cm (20 by 26 inch) - inscribed on the ensign with the ship`s name and the sign of the shipping company on foremast - only light China Trade crackle, cleaned, small areas with repair, original frame - Oporto Collection Portugal

Note: A light, brilliant and strong color work with a romantic touch in the left sky. Detailled execution - and as it cannot often be seen at China Trade paintings - without extensive crackle and in the original Chinese frame. Paintings like this are offered only rarely on the market.

China Trade Artist
(Canton, around 1880)
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China Trade Oilpainting
China Trade Artist (Canton, around 1880) - Portrait of the steamer "Sumbawa" in the Chinese Sea -
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Following are shown some more photos of the painting:

Chinese Export painting*

and a detail photo:


This China Trade painting is special because it has a bright, very decorative blue in the sky and the sea section with a romantic touch on the left side. The colors look quite fresh (although they are 120-130 years old), which is not only a result of the professional cleaning but also can be explained by the pigments the artist used. The men on board and the details of the vessel are painted with great deail. As expected with a painting of this age there are slight signs of age and imperfections. The original China Trade frame has repairs in places.

The steamer is named after an Island in the Indo-Chinese Sea (Sumbawa) near Indonesia, the company ensign on the first mast identifies it as belonging to the "Nederlandsch-Indische Stoomvaart Maatschappij" (Dutch-Indian Steamship Company).

China Trade Ship Portrait