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World Register of Ship Portraits 1780-1930 by Karsten Buchholz

 This index (edition 1999) shows paintings in Private Collections and in the Art Trade.

Thorkildsen, H.
(fl. 1900-1918), Norwegian, worked in South Shields (GB) / Watercolors  
Image of Thorkildsen Painting

Ship Portrait of the Danish Brigantine "Hansine af Thurö, Capt. M. Nielsen", the vessel under full sail off a coastline, a small steamer beyond, inscribed with title along the bottom, Watercolor, 45 x 62 cm Private Collection Northern Germany

Note: Although unsigned this is a typical work by the artist, who always used this composition and this specific coastline with some houses in the background. Click on the image to see a larger black/white illustration. Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium.

*Austrums* von Riga, Capt. A. Martinson The Russian Barkentine under full sail off a coastline 48 x 72 cm inscribed Private Collection Germany
*Fremad* c. 1910 The Danish Barquetine under full at sea 42 x 62 cm signed - Private Collection in Denmark
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