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Image of Mohrmann Painting

John Henry Mohrmann (American, 1857-1916) - Ship Portrait of the British four-masted Bark BERMUDA 1894 The vessel is shown under sail on the open sea with sailing boats beyond - Oil on canvas, relined 60 x 98 cm (23 5/8 x 38 1/2 in.) signed "H. Mohrmann" and dated "1894"

Note: The *Bermuda* was built in 1893 on the ship yard of Russel & Co. in Greenock (Scotland) for the shipping company P. Denniston & Co in Greenock. Under the captains H. Krohn, E.O.M. Korff, J.H.T. Witt and F. Fretwurst it sailed to India, Australia and to the westcoast of America. In 1912 the *Bermuda* was sold to C.Bech & Co. in Tvedestrand and became the name *Nordhav*. The vessel was lost in 1918 because of a Torpedo attack by a German U-Boat.

Oilpainting on canvas -
Mohrmann, John Henry - Ship Portrait of the British four-masted Bark "Bermuda" 1894
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