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Art Wanted: Sell your 19th Century Ship Portrait

We are looking for works by:

Cammillieri, Nicolas S. or Niccolo (Maltese,c.1798-1856) - Watercolors, also heightened with gouache
Lived and worked in Valetta, Malta.
Ship Portraits of Sailing Vessels, sometimes with local background.
Prices depend on subject, size, date, quality and condition. Please send us an e-mail to receive an exact offer for your painting (free of charge for persons considering to sell their painting).
The depicted sailing ships, like brigs and barques, are drawn accurately and he does not miss a single detail. For the background Cammillieri often chose Valetta harbor. Information about the artist and his oeuvre can also be found in our book "Ship Portrait Artists".
The FineArtEmporium might be interested in the purchase or brokerage of fine works by this artist. Please refer to our page "Contact" and send an e-mail to bais(at) with the information requested there. You will receive an answer usually within 48-72 hours (up to a week in rare cases).

Examples of pictures by the artist:

Image of Cammillieri Painting

Ship Portrait of the English Brig "Harriot, Commander E.N. Norley 1828", the vessel is leaving Valetta harbor, signed, dated and inscribed, Watercolor, 46 x 58 cm, period frame, the possession of a Private Collector in Northern Germany

Note: A typical composition by the artist with a technically very well done portrait of the vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. Not all the works by this artist are signed but can be recognized easily. Click on the image to see a larger illustration. Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium.

Cammillieri, Nicolas S. or Niccolo
Known works in Private Collections and in the Art Trade - Fine Art Emporium World Register of Ship Portraits

*Ada* of Scarbro, Capt. John Pibson coming into Malta 1856 – The English Barque under full sail in two positions off Valetta – 43 x 58 cm – signed, inscribed with title and dated - Private Collection Germany

*Eliza* of Waterford, James Belford Master entering Port of Malta 1840 – English Brig – 43 x 54 cm – signed and dated - Private Collection Germany
*David Cannon* Robt. Cain Commander 1829 – The English Barque entering Valetta Harbour, Malta – 36 x 56 cm – inscribed on the mount - Private Collection Great Britain
*Diadem* 1842 – The English Topsail Schooner entering Malta – 43 x 54 cm – signed, inscribed with title and dated – examine condition very carefully
*Donegal* of Exeter, William George Mear commander, leaving Malta, October 26, 1848 – English Brig – 44 x 58 cm – signed and dated - British Collection
*George Caming* of Liverpool, Thomas Burstall Commander going out of Malta 1830 – The English Brig ready to sail off Valetta – 39 x 54 cm – signed, inscribed with title and dated – good condition, original frame - Private Collection Germany
*H.M.S. Portland* 1835 – The English Frigate at sea – Pen, black ink and brown wash – 26 x 40 cm – signed, inscribed and dated
*H.M. Ship Vernon* March 13th 1835 – The English Frigate at sea with other shipping in the distance – 44 x 55 cm – signed and dated – ex collection Carter P. Whitcombe - Private Collection United States of America
*Jason* of London, John Jenkins commander, leaving the port of Malta 1846 – The English Brig off Malta – 43 x 54 cm – signed and dated - Private Collection Great Britain
*London* Johan Nelson Commander c. 1835 – The English full–rigged ship in two positions off a lighthouse – 42 x 57 – signed and inscribed (authorship is not definitely clear, could also be by Cammillieri of Marseilles) – good condition – Private Collection Northern Germany
*Union* Ralph Pouchee Commander, Coming into Malta 15 July 1828 – Portrait of the English Brig – 46 x 58 cm – signed and dated - British Collection


Please note, that we have no photos or additional information about the above ship(s) or painting(s). The paintings are only shown as examples of works by the artist and are NOT for sale. If you are interested to check paintings available for purchase please refer to our For Sale Category. Thank you

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