Literature about Old Ship Portraits and Marine Paintings

A Guide and Dictionary for Collectors
Karsten Buchholz, © Buchholz Art Information Systems (BAIS), Hamburg, December 1997
in English Language, 173 Pages, 80 Black/White Illustrations,
65 Colour–Illustrations, Hardcover,
ISBN 3–930586–01–0
With this book Karsten Buchholz presents the (as far as we know) most complete recording of ship portraits painters. Over 500 artists, who worked between 1780 and 1930, are listed and introduced in detail to the reader.
Besides of an explanation of the artist's works and other aspects of his life and time, the author supplies the reader with several subjective comments from his extensive personal experience. Also notes, concerning current trends of the market, and warnings, concerning the condition and authenticity of single works, can be found in this book. The list of the "Top Twenty–Five" in the two categories 1) Oilpaintings and 2) Watercolours, Gouaches and Reverse on glass paintings is a good support for the collectors, who care about the value of their collection (these lists are based on current auction results and market prices). As a special feature Buchholz refers for many artists additionally to other literature, the usual price range, signatures and where the artist is represented in a museum. 

The price ranges are also stated for different markets and in different currencies, including US$ & Pound Sterling, and these prices are not only conversions, but reflect the situation on that specific market. The author has done extensive research in Great Britain, Continental Europe, Scandinavia and the US and is familiar with the market of ship portraits in these countries. 
The author Karsten Buchholz, living in Hamburg near the river Elbe, is a experienced dealer of fine maritime art. Since nearly ten years he is specialised in ship portraits and is travelling world–wide to acquire these pictures. Because of his good contacts he was able to find several rare paintings. For example he could offer in the past works by C.J.H. Fedeler, Petersen–Holm, Petrus & Carolus Weyts, John H. Mohrmann, William H. Yorke, Luigi Renault, Jacob Spin, Ed. Adam, Antonio Jacobsen, Franz Huenten, Heinrich Petersen, P.C. Holm, Haughton Forrest and by all members of the Loos family. 
Buchholz offers, as a free–of–charge service, to interested persons his advise to build up a fine collection. Already his first book (now sold out), which listed more than 3.000 marine artists, is used as a valuable and extensive source of information. The listing in the Register of the Buchholz Art Information System is accepted in the trade as an important reference to judge and estimate these works. With this published book about ship portraits Karsten Buchholz follows a proposal, which have been made by many collectors. Meanwhile (March 2005) this work is already in the possession of nearly all mayor maritime museums, institutions, auctioneers, fine art dealers and private collectors world-wide. A list of prominent owners is available on request.  [by Dr. Alf-Sibrand Rühle] 

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