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A Selection of antique Ship Portraits and Marine Paintings with Ostend or Texel background

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Image of Weyts Painting

Petrus Weyts *Vue sur le Port d`Ostende*, painted in the 1830s – with a portrait of the Belgian Bark *Jean Key* entering the harbor of Ostend – Reverse on Glass painting - 54 x 70 cm – inscribed with title in the lower center, name of the vessel inscribed on the flag – good condition, in the original veneered walnut frame – European Collection

Note: Although not signed, this picture can be attributed firmly to Petrus Weyts, who started his career as a ship portrait artist in Ostend. The Bark *Jean Key* (built 1829) was the first transatlantic vessel from Belgium, who sailed to America with cargo, mail and emigrants - we are grateful to Dr. Pieter De Pauw, who provided information on this painting. Click here or on the image to see larger illustrations.

Image of Dirk Anton Teupken Painting

D.A. Teupken - Ship Portrait of the Danish Topsail–Schooner *Waldemar* of Aabenraa in three positions passing Texel Island 1852 – Watercolor on paper - 55 x 75 cm – signed and dated – ship’s history available - The Baltic Sea Collection

Note: A typical composition by the artist with a technically very well done portrait of the vessel in the Northern Sea and the light grey-blue colors of the sky and sea. Click here or on the image to see larger illustrations. Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium.

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