Quick Facts: Silver Purity: Sterling 925/1000 and 800/1000 - Purpose: Anglo-German Cutlery / Flatware Canteen, 32 pieces - five pieces for six Persons plus two additional items - Dimensions: see list below - Maker & Age: made in London by William Ely, William Fearn and William Chawner in 1818 (Eley Fearn & Chawner was founded 1808 in London) and by Wilkens, late 19th Century - Condition: wear from age and use, otherwise good - Assay Marks: Lion Passant (for Sterling Silver), Crowned Leopards Head (for Georgian London), Date Letter (for 1818), Maker`s mark WE WF WC for Eley Fearn & Chawner / Crown, Halfmoon, 800 + Wilkens Mark - Price (incl. s&h): see Table below - refer to Flat I

This Pattern is called Fiddle, Thread and Shell and this is the heavy double-struck (pattern worked out on both sides) version. William Chawner of London (and his collegues William Eley and William Fearn) ranked among the best Georgian Silversmiths of the early 19th Century. They were especially known for high-quality cutlery / flatware. The same can be said by the other Maker, Wilkens of Bremen, at the end of the 19th Century and afterwards.

Georgian Flatware / Cutlery Set
Eley, Fearn & Chawner, London
hand-made Solid Georgian Sterling Silver plus solid German Silver * offered subject to prior sale by: Karsten Buchholz KG Hamburg, Germany *

Price: USA and World Europe (EU + Non EU countries) Germany - Deutschland
EUR 2950 ca. US$ ???? (convert to your Currency) available only on request available only on request

Fiddle, Thread and Shell is the most desirable of the fiddle patterns. It was introduced in the first years of the 19th Century. The construction and execution (double-struck) required a large gauge of silver therefore Flatware of this design was usually heavy and could only be afforded by quite wealthy persons, for example from the Nobility (Lords), the Military (Admirals) or the Trade (Overseas Merchants). In the old days - back in 1818 for example - it was not common to have a full set (eg. for six persons) but mostly only a number of required pieces was ordered. So several hand-made pieces have been later ordered as a special commission at Wilkens to complete this set to a full canteen for six. This Fiddle, Thread and Shell Pattern ranks among the most sought after of the Flatware Designs.

This set contains 6 Table Forks (20,5 cm or 8 inch), 6 Table Spoons (22 cm or 8 5/8 inch), 6 Knifes (23,5 cm or 9 1/4 inch), 6 Dessert or Breakfast Spoons (17,5 cm or nearly 7 inch), 6 Coffee or Dessert Spoons (15 cm or nearly 6 inch) and one Sugar Tongs plus one Cream Spoon - all hand-made. Total weight is ca. 2.300 gr - Silver weight (exclusive knifes) is 1,647 gr. (about 53 ounces) of which are 996 gr. British Sterling Silver and 651 gr. German 800 Silver. This canteen comes in a wooden Flatware Chest. The six knifes are modern and plated because the old knifes did not survive the test of time and was replaced. Two forks shows stronger wear, since these were used more often.

Please note that our Price is All Inclusive (Packing, Shipment and Transit Insurance). The Payment is accepted by VISA or M/C credit card or bank transfer (or Cash-on-collection). Any questions are welcome.

Antique Georgian and 19th C. Silver Flatware Set for 6 Persons with wooden Cutlery Box - see description
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Following are shown some more photos:



It is possible to enlarge this set later (when suitable offers are available) with serving pieces in this pattern or with additional pieces, such as dessert forks. We also have in stock six more knives as a basis to enlarge this set for 12 persons later. Following see here outside of the dark-red set some possible additions from our Stock (8 Cake Forks and 8 Tea Spoons and one Cake Server with Shell Pattern, Denmark). The Georgian Fish Slice from London (below on the right) is not for sale.

Any questions are welcome, please send your e-mail to: bais(at)gmx.de - This description has been written by Mr. Karsten Buchholz. We are also available at the phone from the US at 01149-4104-694710 (in the morning of the US time) or from Europe at 0049-4104-694710. As always, this offer is subject to prior sale.

In German: Antikes Silberbesteck aus Sterling und 800 er Silber - England, 1818 (Georgian) von Ely, Fearn & Chawner aus London sowie Deutschland, Ende 19. Jahrhundert, Wilkens, Bremen - Design Spaten, Faden und Muschel. Im Holz-Besteckkoffer, Preis auf Anfrage. Verkauf in Deutschland nur an den Handel, Gewerbetreibende und Freiberufler. Eine unverbindliche Besichtigung ist nach vorheriger telefonischer Absprache möglich. Bei Fragen bitte Email oder anrufen (Tel. 04104-694710)

Espanol: Antigua Cubierteria de Plata (925/1000 + 800/1000). Ely, Fearn & Chawner (Ingles, London 1818) + Wilkens (Alemagne, Bremen). Gran Calidad.

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