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Original Builder`s Half Hull Steamship Model "Agnete", Germany 1894 - the block model carved out of hardwood with added deck details, the funnel and other parts on board, on the original hardwood backboard, inscribed with the Construction Number and Ship`s Name on top and the Builder at the bottom (Howaldtswerke in Kiel, Germany) and dated 1894 with hooks for wall hanging - dimensions overall 148 cm long (58 inch) - cleaned and restored, in good condition and with a nice patina - Oporto Collection Portugal

Note: In contrast to the "pre-construction model" or so called "dockyard model" (for internal use of the ship designers and builders) this is a Presentation Builder`s Model, which was executed as a Present for the buyer of the vessel, in this case the Shipping Company Torm. Such presentation models can usually only be found in the headquarter office of old Shipping Companies - but today also in Maritime Museums and some private collections. Such Presentation Models are considered as interesting and valuable Nautical Artifacts from the Maritime Heritage.

Half Hull Builders Shipmodel
(Germany, 1894)
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Antique Builder`s Half Hull Steamship Model of the SS Agnete (Germany, 1894) - wooden half block model of a steamer from Kiel -
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Following are shown some more photos of the model:


This is a typical model of a so called "Three-Island-Type" Steamer (higher areas in the front, back and in the middle) from the end of the 19th Century with two masts for sails.