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Ship Portrait of the Steamer "Canadian Transporter" off Yokohama 1923, with Mount Fuji and a the harbour in the background - Oil and Gouache on Silk - 34 x 49 cm (13 1/4 x 19 in) - with frame 45 x 60 cm (17 3/4 x 23 5/8 in) - signed "H. Shimidzu, 1923" lower left - good condition, with UV-Protection Acrylglass - period gold frame - Oporto Collection Portugal

Note: Typical ship portrait artists appeared in Japan only in the 20th Century. The first pierhead painter was Shimidzu who was located in Yokohama and created a number of small or medium size oil paintings on silk and also watercolours. His well done works usually depict steamers or motorships and often he added some local background (typically Mount Fuji). Later he was followed by T. Hagiwara . Shimidzu is represented in the Peabody Museum Salem, mentioned in their Catalogue and in other literature about Marine Artists (eg. Archibald, Dictionary of Sea Painters).

H. Shimidzu
(Japanese, fl. 1920s)
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Provenance: Private Collection in Dallas, Texas - United States of America - previously acquired from the Southwest Gallery in Dallas

Shimidzu oil painting
H. Shimidzu (Japanese, fl. 1920s) - Ship Portrait of the Steamer "Canadian Transporter" 1923
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