Portrait of an Polar Bear on an Ice Floe in the Arctic near Greenland, ca. 1860-70 - with another larger ice floe in the background - large and very detailled Silk and Wool Embroidery - 64 by 89 cm (25 by 35 inch) sight, with frame 74 x 99,5 cm (29 by 39 inch) - signed lower left "H. Koch" - good original condition and in the orginal frame, protected under glass - Price (incl. s&h): EUR 1.680 (convert to your currency)

Note: Heinrich Koch was a drawing and embroidery artist who lived and worked in Hamburg, Germany. Due to the immense work and time which was necessary for his embroidery pictures of extraordinary quality and size his Ouevre was quite small and we never noticed in the last 20 years any work by him which was available for sale. Greenland and the Arctic was in the 18th Century and in the first half of the 19th Century a popular hunting ground for Whaling Ships (which were often also hunting seal) from Germany and Denmark. It might be possible that this picture was made following this old tradition.

Johann Heinrich Koch
(German, born 1809)
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Johann Heinrich Koch (Hamburg, born 1809) - a Polar Bear on an Ice Floe in the Arctic near Greenland, ca. 1860-1870 - Photo Copyright is with the Fineartemporium - Go back to our For Sale Category

Provenance: Private Collection Hamburg-Blankenese

The white spot on photo above (upper right corner) is from light reflection on the glass. This picture was always hanging in a dry and heated place and out of light. Also J.H. Koch used only the best materials and natural colors to ensure a long durability of his work. Therefore there are visible to us NO condition problems which can often be found on such pictures (mot damage, tanning, fading, humiditiy spots etc.). NO repair necessary and also there has not been any repair done previously according to our knowledge. This very good original condition makes this picture also suitable for a discriminating collector who is looking mainly for well preserved and rare items on the art and antiques markets. Following are shown some more photos of the painting:

Antique Polar Bear Embroidery*

and a detail photo:


Woolwork (Woolie) pictures of ships have often been done - mainly in Great Britain - but we have seen never before a woolwork and silk picture with a Polar Bear in his natural habitat. While the Woolies were done as Folk Art and are mostly of medium or small dimensions this is a large and signed work by an artist who specialized in this matter.

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