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Image of Holm Ship Portrait

Peter Christian Holm (German, 1823-1888) - Ship Portrait of the *Oder* 1861 The full-rigged HAPAG Packet-Ship on her yoyage from New York to Hamburg off Heligoland (right), a steamer passing on the left, it is flying the Hamburg flag, the HAPAG ensign and the signs of the Marryot Code Oil on canvas 46 x 64 cm (18 x 25 1/4 in.) signed lower right "P. Holm" and dated 1861 good condition (relined, crackle, slight inpaint in the sky), valuable period frame - Private Collection

Note: A magnificent, lively and bright ship portrait by Holm, who worked usually together with Lorenz Petersen and later with his son Heinrich. The "Oder" was built 1851 for the HAPAG (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt Aktien-Gesellschaft) and sold in 1868 to R.V. Beselin. One year later it was lost off Key West. It brought during their service a large number of European emigrants to the United States of America. - Photo Copyright

Oilpainting on canvas -
Peter Christian Holm - Ship Portrait of the German Packet Ship "Oder" on the voyage from New York to Hamburg off Heligoland 1861 - Go back to the page for P.C. Holm or to the Gallery

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Here is a close-up view of the vessel with the different flags (main mast: HAPAG ensign, last mast: Hamburg flag (lower) and the signs of the Marryot Code for identification of the Ship (up):

The name of the vessel is shown on the bow. This painting shows the typical style of the matured and best works by Holm in the late 1850s and early 1860s.

Here is a detail view of the signature and date:

And a enlarged view of the bow with the Island of Heligoland and a local sailing boat in the background:

and finally here is an illustration of the entire picture without the frame, the picture is painted very detailled and realistic. For example there are four seagulls shown on the left side (flying over the water) and because of the high speed of the ship (and the waves) there is coming some water on the deck before the main mast:

The "Oder" was the last sailing vessel of the HAPAG (afterwards they used only steamers) and it was also the largest Packet Ship under sails used by them for the America Service. It was able to carry 20 First Class, 20 Second Class and 249 Third Class Passengers. The Captains were P.H. Decker, H. Ehlers, H.F. Schwensen, J.E. Meier and J.F.C. Winzen. The artist P.C. Holm is represented in many Maritime Museums in Germany, Europe and all over the World, mostly with paintings done in co-operation with one of the Petersens in Hamburg.