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Image of Luzzo Picture

Giovanni Luzzo (Italian, fl. 1851-77) - Ship Portrait of the German Schoonerbrig CATHARINA Capt. H. Dreier 1869 - inscribed with title: "Unter der Küste von Norwegen am 22ten März 1869 Schiff Catharina Capt. H.Dreier" - the vessel of Blankenese under reduced sails off the Norwegian coast Watercolor 41 x 61 cm (16 x 24 in.) signed "Gio Luzzo Venice" and dated The Werder Collection - Click on the image to see larger photos

Note: The Catharina (168 GRT) was built on the shipyard of D.W.Kremer in Elmshorn for Thies Breckwoldt and Heinrich Dreyer in 1865. It was flying the flag "Z 102" or signal "LDVK". The captains Thies Breckwoldt, Heinrich Dreyer, Johs. Kröger and Johs. Bohn were in command. On the 2nd of November 1878 the Catharina left Antwerp and was bound for Rio Grande do Sul. It was Johs. Bohns first and only voyage on the Catharina. It is believed that the vessel sank in stormy seas between the 8th and 11th of November, some debris was washed ashore on the French coast near Ploumanache. Six members of the crew died at sea.

Image of Luzzo Picture

Giovanni Luzzo - Ship Portrait of the German Schooner "*Anna* Capt. H. Bartels 1871", the vessel of Cranz / Amts Jork is shown off Venice, Marcus Square Watercolor 33 x 52 cm (13 x 20 1/2 in.) not signed but attributed to a member of the Luzzo family (possibly Giovanni) , inscribed with title lower right The Werder Collection

Note: The *Anna* was built in 1859 and under the command of Capt. Bartels. It had 94 tons and 5 men crew. A chronometer was not on board (which made navigation not easier!). Click here or on the image to see larger illustrations.

Image of Luzzo Painting

Vinzenco Luzzo - Ship Portrait of the German Schoonerbrig "Lorenz" ca. 1875, the vessel of Hamburg is shown off Venice at fair weather, Watercolor, 34 x 53 cm, good condition, the possession of a Private Collector in Western Germany

Note: We know different signatures by the members of the Luzzo family, which appear also as "Luzro" etc. Click on the image to enlarge. Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium.

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