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Lai Fong Painting

Ship Portrait of the Scotish four-masted barque *Dowan Hill* in the Indian Ocean, ca. 1895 - the barque is shown on the high sea with a steamer in the far distance - Oil on canvas on original China Trade stretcher, 45 by 60 cm (17 3/4 by 23 5/8 inch), with frame 52 x 67 cm (20 1/2 by 26 3/8 inch) - inscribed on the bow with the ship`s name - usual China Trade crackle (not extensive), small repair in the sky, only few areas with inpaint, good condition, period frame - Private Collection, Europe

Note: This China Trade painting can clearly be attributed to Lai Fong, who worked from 1890 to 1910 in Calcutta. The Dowan Hill was built in 1893 and is flying the house flag of J.R. Dickson & Co. from Glasgow. Please refer to the section below for more information.

Lai Fong
(Indian-Chinese, fl. 1890-1910)
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History of the vessel: The *Dowan Hill* was built in 1893 by Russel & Co. in Port Glasgow for J.R. Dickson & Co. in Glasgow. For Dickson the Dowan Hill mainly sailed round Cape Horn to the western coasts of America. The commanders were J.C. Brokenshart, C. Milne, G.W. Puxtey, J. Davies and E. Owens. In 1900 it was sold to J.M. Campbell and Son (in Glasgow) who later sold the barque in 1911 to Norway. It was puchased by Grefstadt + Herlofson in Arendal and renamed *Eugenio Bruni*. Later is was sold to other Norwegian owners and from 1914 to 1916 renamed to her first name Dowan Hill. In 1917 the vessel was sunk by a German submarine. The dimensions of this large barque were 280 x 40 x 25 feet (85 x 12 x 7,50 meter).

Portrait of the Scotish four-masted Bark *Dowan Hill* ca. 1895 in the Indian Sea, attributed to China Trade artist Lai Fong of Calcutta
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This painting is executed with great care and accurate fine details. Please refer to the following photos:

Another charming detail: there are several seaman climbing up to set a sail:


With its light colors and detailled execution this ship portrait represents a jewel among the China Trade paintings, especially because condition is without considerable inpaint and with light crackle only. The color of the hull with its light blue adds a special attraction to this painting. Most of the four-masted barques of this period have a black and white or grey hull. There is a romantic impression in the sky on the right side and yes, the sky on the left is so stunning blue, this is original as by the artist painted it.