Quick Facts: Silver Purity: 900 (Coin Silver) or 925 (Sterling) - Purpose: an antique Presentation Beaker with a carved Dragon - Dimensions & Execution: it is 11,5 cm (4 1/2 inch) high and has a diameter of 7,8 cm (3 inch) at its widest point, made of solid Silver with a weight of 193 gr. (6.21 ounces), inside has been gilted (Vermeil technique) - Maker & Age: made in Canton or Shanghai by Hung Chong (also written Hungchong, well known silversmith - Condition: age signs, inside gilting shows wear plus there are in general minimal dents from use - Assay Marks: Maker`s sign HC and chinese character for high grade silver (900 or 925) - Price (incl. s&h): see Table below - refer to Hung-Chong-Beaker

This is a hand-made China Trade (Chinese Export) Silverware item which shows a remarkable quality. Towards the end of the 19th Century some self-assured and larger Silversmith Workshops in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Canton started to introduce own Designs where the form and function followed Western items and earlier China Trade Silver (which copied the Western Style) - but where own decoration was added. This Beaker was presented to a European Merchant who was located 1903 in Kobe, Japan.
Dragon Beaker
China, Hung Chong 1903
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China Trade Beaker
A China Trade Presentation Silver Beaker by Hung Chong, Canton or Shanghai 1903
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In German: Geschenk-Silberbecher 1903 von Hung Chong aus Shanghai. Lieferung frei Haus (nur an gewerbliche Abnehmer wie z.B. Unternehmer, Freiberufler und Händler). Endpreis ist inklusive Mwst. (als Vorsteuer absetzbar). Bei Fragen bitte Email oder anrufen (Tel. 04104-694710)

Francais: Superb Object de Vitrine en Argent Massif (Poincon: 900 ou Sterling - 925/1000) et Vermeille - Maitre Hung Chong de Shanghai XXeme- Poids: 193 gr. - Diametre: 7,8 cm - Hauteur: 11,5 cm - en bon etat - please contact us in English language, merci beaucoup.

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