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Sale by Private Owner in Norway: Large Ship Portrait of the "S.S. Capua of Hamburg, Capt. John Sperling" ca. 1900, the steamer with auxilliary sails shown at fair weather and under full sail of an American coastline - inscribed with title lower left - Oil on canvas with silk and velvet applications - 20 1/2 by 32 1/4 inch. (52 x 82 cm) - in good condition (under glass, therefore well preserved) - price (without shipment): asking EUR 3500
Note: Thomas Willes was a contemporary of Antonio Jacobsen in New York (and they did also co-operate occasionally). He is well known for his ship portraits of merchant shipping and yachts around the turn of the century and represented in several Maritime Museums in the USA. In January 2000 a portrait of the steamer "City of Paris" was sold at Sothebys NY for $ 20,700 - but in the last years some bargain offers were available at favourable prices.

Willis, Thomas (American, 1850-1925)
Needs to be collected in Oslo * contact the owner via the FineArtEmporium (see email and phone no. at bottom of this page) *

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Thomas Willis (American, 1850-1925) - Portrait of the "Capua" off a coastline

This painting is located in Oslo, Norway and should be collected in person (by car) or by a personal Courier. Costs for a Courier to Germany would be around EUR 380. Dafür könnte man allerdings auch schon von Kiel nach Oslo fahren und das Bild selbst abholen, der Besitzer würde Sie dabei unterstützen. Oslo hat übrigens ein fantastisches Schiffahrtsmuseum. Kapitänsbild bzw. Schiffsportrait des deutschen Dampfers "Capua" aus Hamburg - Sloman Linie um 1900. Preis: ca. EUR 3500

The "Capua" was built in 1889 by Stephen in Glasgow (Scotland) and belonged to the Sloman Line in Hamburg (their house flag is shown on the second mast). The vessel was used for a Transatlantic Freight and Passenger Service to the United States and could transport max. 600 emigrants. The maiden voyage was made in 1889 to Baltimore and the ship was lost without a trace 1909 in the Northern Sea. Here is a view with the frame:

and an enlarged detail of the back of the ship:

and a photo of the inscription and bow of the vessel:

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