Bahner Silberbesteck

Quick Facts: Silver Purity: Solid Silver 800/1000 - Purpose: Vintage German Cutlery / Flatware Canteen, 18 pieces for Dinner - suitable for 6 Persons in cardboard Flatware Chest - Dimensions: see list below - Maker & Age: made in Dusseldorf, Germany by Premium Maker Franz Bahner (founded 1895), designed and executed in the 1920s - Condition: very good, only light wear from age and use, Art Deco Style monogram FR - Assay Marks: Crown, Halfmoon, 800 (for German Silver) and Makers Marks - Price (incl. s&h): see Table below - refer to Flat-Bahner6

With a plain and modern variation of the Fiddle design this flatware shows the typical style of the early Art Deco period. This is a straight (= all items by the same maker and period), one-owner Set which has been carefully preserved. All parts of this Design Silverware were hand-made in Germany with a strict quality control and high manufacturing standards. While elsewhere in the first third of the 20th Century machine-made Silverware after older designs were flooding the markets this European Silversmith continued to produce fine, handmade Silverware with unique designs.
Art Deco Flatware Set
Franz Bahner, 1920s
Art Deco hand-chased Solid German Silver 800 Standard * offered subject to prior sale by: Karsten Buchholz KG Hamburg, Germany *

Price: USA and World Europe (including airmail shipment) Germany - Deutschland
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Please note that our Price is All Inclusive (Packing, Shipment, Transit Insurance and Guarantee about Authenticity). The Payment is accepted by VISA or M/C credit card or bank (wire) transfer.

This canteen / set of 18 pieces for 6 Persons contains the following items:

6 Dinner Table Forks (21 cm or 8 1/4 in. - Tines of forks are good and hardly used)
6 Dinner Table Spoons (21 cm or 8 1/4 in. - minimal scratches, no dents - brilliant Silver shine on bowls)
6 Dinner Table Knifes (25 cm or 9 3/4 inch, with Steel blades and Hollow Solid Silver Handles - Blades are good and well fixed)
1 old cardboard Storage Box for the complete Set - with dust and signs of use, likely the original box since the set came in this box. There are 6 free holders for additional items.

Total weight incl. knifes is ca. 1197 gr (or 38 1/2 oz) - Silver weight is ca. 869 gr. (28 ounces) including Silver handles of the knifes. These are heavy and sturdy items, eg. one fork weights 65 grams.

Please note that our Price is All Inclusive (Packing, Shipment, Transit Insurance and Guarantee about Authenticity). Payment is accepted by VISA or M/C credit card or bank (wire) transfer.

Art Deco Solid Silver Flatware Set for 6 Persons with Cutlery Box - see description - Go back to the page Silver for Sale -

Presented by the FineArtEmporium in Hamburg.

Following more photos are shown (plates and textiles are for decoration only):

Art Deco Silver Cutlery Set


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Fraun Bahner Silberbesteck

The Silversmith was a well known specialist in handmade Silver Flatware and also executed for example designs by Peter Behrens. The company was founded in 1895 and closed down in 1962. For more information about Bahner please refer to the Literature, eg. "Das deutsche Silberbesteck" or "Metallkunst" (Bröhan) etc.

Any questions are welcome, please send your e-mail to: bais(at) - This description has been written by Mr. Karsten Buchholz. We are also available at the phone from the US at 01149-4104-694710 (in the morning of US time only) or from Europe 0049-4104-694710 or from Germany at 04104-694710.

Disclaimer: As always, this offer is subject to prior sale. The price needs to be confirmed since a price increase will apply if the Silver Spot Price (London Fix) is rising above of our calculation basis (the value of the Set will rise accordingly in this case). Franz Bahner and other company names mentioned here are registered trademarks and all rights are owned by the respective companies or their followers.

In German: Komplettes Silberbesteck (Massiv-Silber 800er) von Franz Bahner, Düsseldorf - Art Deco Design aus den 1920er Jahren - für 6 Personen komplett mit altem Besteckkasten. Verkauf nur an den Handel, Gewerbetreibende und Freiberufler. Der Preis ist freibleibend und kann höher ausfallen, wenn der Silber Spot Preis deutlich über unserer Kalkulationsbasis liegt (dementsprechend steigt dann auch der Wert des Sets). Die volle Mehrwertsteuer wird ausgewiesen. Die Versandkosten sind inklusive (Lieferung erfolgt als DHL-Paket per Deutsche Post). Univerbindliche Besichtigung ist nach vorheriger telefonischer Vereinbarung möglich. Bei Fragen bitte Email oder anrufen (Tel. 04104-694710).